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Raji Ramanan  | Championing Mentor Program

Raji Ramanan is our Chapter Co-Chair for IERG New York Chapter. Like many of us, Raji has had some very challenging international assignments to her credit and is looking at providing assistance to upcoming International assignees in assisting and orienting them with their new overseas assignments. 


As we know, International assignments are complex, challenging, and many times tricky and require a lot of in-country knowledge and most importantly cross-cultural understanding and orientation which requires more than a few hours of training and quick orientation.

IERG members with significant international experience and field exposure can provide the much-required mentoring support for those that are heading on their first international assignments or going to a new global geography/location. We can provide them support in terms of cultural orientation, industry-specific experience sharing, and most importantly help them with contacts that they require to function effectively in their international/ex-pat roles beyond their organizational support which at times can be very limited in its scope and outreach.  Our leaders can complement the organizational support available to these High potential talents in challenging assignments.

The mentoring program is aimed at achieving the following:

1.  Cross-cultural orientation

2.  Industry/Geography specific on the ground support for various day to challenges

3.  Access to a global network of experienced/seasoned international professionals

Raji firmly believes that we as an international group of seasoned professionals can help assist young and upcoming international assignees and professionals in being successful in their assignments and career progression through this IERG mentoring support program.

Stay tuned - more information to follow.

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