IERG is a collegial organization comprised of highly accomplished business leaders. By joining IERG, members have privileged access to this select community, and in exchange are expected to engage with the community and share information, referrals and camaraderie with other members without expectation of direct personal gain. When a member phones, the call is always taken, and relationships are based on generosity and kindness. IERG members exemplify business networking at its best.

Given that IERG is a member-driven organization, members are expected to volunteer their time and expertise in some way. Without member participation, IERG cannot operate. In addition to benefiting the organization, involvement enriches the member experience and multiplies the rewards of membership.

Members are also expected to introduce qualified candidates who embody the international and collaborative ethos of the organization and express an interest in membership and intention to participate and contribute to the group.

Membership Criteria

Candidates for Executive Membership

  1. Global professionals with international experience who have worked for at least 2 years outside of their home countries.
  2. Senior executives having significant senior executive level background (e.g. C-level or reporting to C-level functions in a corporate setting or equivalent in other companies) with considerable experience in leading other executives or businesses
  3. People willing to volunteer and contribute to IERG by way of knowledge, leads, contacts, and participation
  4. People willing to agree to IERG Credo
  5. People willing to recruit at least one incremental new member every calendar year

Executive members may take leadership positions such as Chapter Chair, SIG Chair, Committee Chair, and may run for the IERG Board of Directors. They may also attend webinars, participate in chapter meetings, fully access the website content, and access all IERG members.

Fee: $200 / year

Membership through Sponsorship

Membership in IERG is through sponsorship by current members and is focused on senior executives who have leadership experience outside of their home countries.  Aspiring members are invited to join IERG because they appreciate a community of peers with the sophistication and global perspective that results from having lived and worked in a foreign culture.

In all other ways, IERG embraces diversity and actively seeks to maintain a membership that represents the broadest range of cultures, functions, industries, and other experiences.   This unique breadth brings a special richness that enhances the group's professional, cultural, and intellectual exchanges.

Aspiring members are nominated for membership by a current member.  Attendance at an in-person chapter meeting is expected if the candidate lives within a reasonable distance of a chapter.  The aspiring member will also be interviewed by one or more current members to ascertain seniority, international experience, willingness to contribute, and general fit. Click here for a List of Events.

Find a Chapter 

Aspiring members who do not know a current member may contact the  Chapter Chair of the nearest IERG chapter to discuss membership or trial attendance at an upcoming event.  



Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors