Secret Side Effects of Playing Golf, Says Science

Jean-Pierre Degembe - Secret Side Effects of Playing Golf, Says Science

Knowing the world, the environment we are all in for the last few months (I do not want to say years yet), and how so many peoples have been impacted by stress; I think a well-being note might be a good one to share. 
I have been in the sporting goods industry around the world (EMEA / Asia Pacific / USA) most of my professional life and particularly in the golf industry.

This month I would like to share this article with the group (just published in Aug).  
For those of us that are playing golf that research is giving us more excuses to go and play (like if we needed some…)  BUT for those of you who are not (yet) maybe it will give you some good reasons to start.  
But for me personally, the social aspect has been the most important and I witnessed this globally.  I worked with people around the world, and I cannot tell you how much a round of golf with customers, manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers has help to build relationships, trust and generate more business.  It also allows me to meet and know the people in a different environment where they can express themselves with fewer barriers and eased so much the cultural differences.
One last point; I see it as well with the juniors. Playing with my son (12) allowing us to have a great time together but also with other dads and their kids during some games. And what is better than having your children going to play outside with their friends for 4 plus hours, enjoying, socializing, and being active at the same time.

The Maryville Academy here near Chicago takes care of a lot of children who need support, and being a volunteer at the golf academy I saw the positive effects golf has on them as well. There are not many other activities that can offer this.
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