Transformation in the Changing Global Business Landscape

Hedley Lawson
Hedley Lawson 
Most executives feel a need for a sense of urgency to transform their organizations.
Based on numerous conversations we have had with executives and boards of directors, it seems many of these initiatives are not progressing with the speed or planned outcome or are simply failing.

There are many reasons why transformation initiatives fail, and the challenge to succeed is often more difficult and complex in larger and, interestingly, in family-owned organizations. With that in mind, what follows in the attached article is an elaboration of five ways to drive successful transformation initiatives in large organizations.
  1. Start by shifting your mindset
  2. Create a strategy for progressive versus incremental growth
  3. Develop and support leaders who can navigate uncertainty and lead change.
  4. Create an aligned innovative strategy with appropriate resources.
  5. Make the leap from modest growth to progressive and sustainable growth
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