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Bill Tung - Boston Chapter Member

Bill Tung 

Greetings from Boston.  I've managed international sales divisions of various companies such as  Reebok, Columbia Sportswear, New Balance, and most recently Fanatics.  I've had the good fortune to have lived in Hong Kong, Tokyo and London...and now Boston.
The past year has been devastating for many American brands but some categories have thrived:  running footwear, home fitness equipment, golf, bicycles, and yoga/athleisure apparel.  I am currently a Managing Partner at Peaks Consulting where we engage w/ brands to help them expand into new international markets.  The lack of international business understanding across many different sized companies has been eye-opening; the opportunity is immense for those with vision beyond our shores.

Chicago Chapter – “Reshoring”

Betty Flash  

On February 9th, the IERG Chicago Chapter welcomed Harry Moser, reshoring expert and Founder and President of the Reshoring Initiative. Harry’s presentation and excellent insights, based on his long experience in the field, kicked off with an overview of why we have offshored so much and the impact that has had, followed by the extent of reshoring progress made to date and Illinois-based examples. Harry concluded by engaging IERG members with sound strategies and practical ‘how-to’ steps for companies to move the needle on reshoring and restore balance.  For more information, members may view the entire presentation posted on the IERG website, “Key Documents: Webinars”.

Watch for Harry’s article in an upcoming issue of Industry Week on the previous and current administrations’ approach to reshoring, as viewed through a ‘reshoring lens’.

For further information, please contact Harry Moser.   Related  links: Total Cost of Ownership Estimator™;  Skilled WorkforceImport Substitution ProgramSupply Chain Gaps

Member of the Month - Venugopal Chepur

Venugopal Chepur (Venu) ‘reimagines’ exponential growth for business by presenting possibilities with emerging technologies and innovation, with commitment to business value and customer-centricity. Venu has been a senior Executive, Consultant and Entrepreneur with an outstanding record of hands-on business building.

Venu is the Founder of Samprad, a growth strategy advisory firm.

Additionally, he has conceived and created  TrainedArrow™ an innovative Learning & Development Platform for imparting 'employability' for graduates and ‘change enablement’ for workforce.  Click here for more info on TrainedArrow™

He has coached and mentored over 700 professionals and supported 5 Start-ups (pro-bono).

A foremost believer in continued learning, Venu has completed leadership courses from Cornell University and IBM Institute for Business Value. He has diverse education with an MBA in Marketing & Finance and MS in Biology & Economics. He has been a certified technology professional in IBM and Microsoft.

Babs Ryan - Boston Chapter Member

Babs Ryan 

Babs has been added to Workers Credit Union Board of Directors. The credit union is one of the largest in Massachusetts with $2 billion assets and a Net Promoter Score of 91 vs. the industry average of 58. Babs was chief innovation officer at GE Capital's largest division, P&L lead for several business lines at Citi UK, Forrester retail and consumer consulting head, and chief marketing officer at Kawasaki UK.
She is also open to board positions at retail and consumer public companies, and communications agencies.

Louise Egan - New York Chapter Member

Louise Egan  New York member

Louise is the  President and Founder of the Soho Language Group, a private, English-language consulting firm focused on foreign professionals from multinational companies.
Louise has taught English, edited speeches and presentations, and coached public speaking at international banks, including Crédit Suisse, UBS, BBVA, Société Générale, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Clients also come from luxury industries, like Tiffany, LVMH, Chanel, and L’Oréal; and diplomat officials, with the Argentine Consulate, Brazilian and French missions to the United Nations; and from AIG and Liberty Insurance to CapGemini, IBM, Philip Morris, and New York dining institutions including Daniel and the Paris based-restaurant, Laduree.

Louise would appreciate fellow IERG Members who can provide leads to companies/expats needing English language skills, including practicing a speech, TV interview, editing and coaching on pronunciation and pacing to better perform in the US market.

Tom Dale - IERG Board of Directors

Meet Tom Dale
Recently Elected to the IERG Board of Directors

Tom Dale
Tom Dale joined Aligned Growth Partners LLC as a Managing Partner in 2016. Previously he was the Chief Human Resources Officer with two United Nations Peacekeeping Missions in Africa, was a senior human resources executive with Pulse Engineering Inc., EMC, The Gillette Company, and Denso International America and General Manager of Gillette subsidiary companies in Singapore and South Korea.  Tom also founded an executive search firm in Singapore.
Currently living in San Diego, CA, Tom was born and raised in Japan. He has lived in eight countries on four continents and has traveled, for work or pleasure, to over 90 countries.
Tom holds a B.A., International Relations, from Pomona College and a M.B.A. from Pepperdine University. Tom is also a USA Board of Directors member of Operation Eyesight Universal, Calgary, Canada.

Join the IERG Career Advancement Program (CAP)

Tips for Advancing Your Career: Join the IERG Career Advancement Program (CAP)

The IERG Career Advancement Program met on February 18 for Part 2 of our 5-part program“Building Your Personal Brand”, with a presentation led by Raji Ramanan, who provided excellent advice and insights on best ways to develop and refine one’s brand for career advancement. The content and discussion ranged from reflecting on “What we say and believe about ourselves” v. “What people say about you when you’re not in the room”; key brand build questions to consider (e.g., “What am I known for? How am I unique? My areas of expertise?”); the Iceberg Model in branding; vehicles that reflect one’s brand and finally to “Where I am now, where I want to be, how I can get there”.
Next CAP topics: The Art of Networking; Acing the Interview Process; New Role/ New Leader. Next dates: March 4 & March 18.
 For more information and registration, visit the IERG website  under “Career Advancement Program”.  The Career Advancement Program (CAP) supports all IERG members whether employed or in transition.

Remember to register and we’ll see you Thursday, 3/4, at 2pm (EST).

The CAP Leadership Team: Raji Ramanan, Betty Flasch, Simon Turner

Transformation in the Changing Global Business Landscape

Hedley Lawson
Hedley Lawson 
Most executives feel a need for a sense of urgency to transform their organizations.
Based on numerous conversations we have had with executives and boards of directors, it seems many of these initiatives are not progressing with the speed or planned outcome or are simply failing.

There are many reasons why transformation initiatives fail, and the challenge to succeed is often more difficult and complex in larger and, interestingly, in family-owned organizations. With that in mind, what follows in the attached article is an elaboration of five ways to drive successful transformation initiatives in large organizations.
  1. Start by shifting your mindset
  2. Create a strategy for progressive versus incremental growth
  3. Develop and support leaders who can navigate uncertainty and lead change.
  4. Create an aligned innovative strategy with appropriate resources.
  5. Make the leap from modest growth to progressive and sustainable growth

What is a Dysfunctional Sales Force? - Symptoms & Causes

John Peters

John Peters has extensive Global and Domestic Sales, Sales Management, Business Development and General Management experience with sophisticated medical products, systems and services in the Hospital, Operating Room, Blood Bank, Proprietary Clinic, Private Physician and OEM Contract Manufacturing settings. See his full bio here.
  1. Chronic Poor Performance-consistently not meeting goals or quotas/Work Ethic-Are they working?
  2. High Turnover Rate-20% or more annually.
  3. Poor Hiring Process-Background for success/All salespeople are not equal.
  4. Poor Training-Does the company have a specific program or is it hit or miss?
  5. Accountability-Are the Sales people and Field managers held accountable by management?
  6. Is the Company Sales Oriented?-Has to be driven from top to bottom/Need commitment.
  7. Realistic Goals/Quotas-How are they developed? Need sales input and methodology, not guesstimates/pie in the sky.
  8. Are the same Sales People - always at the top and the same always at the bottom of the rankings?
  9. Territories-How are territories apportioned?
  10. Same Page-Are Field management and Senior management on the same page?
  11. Backgrounds-What are the backgrounds and training of the Field Managers-Are they qualified?
  12. Are you promoting the Right People?-Pete repeat syndrome.
  13. Mentoring-Do the Field Managers mentor their direct reports or is it sink or swim?
  14. Metrics-Is the company using the right metrics

Covid and Flu

Simon Turner
Simon Turner

I thought I would share some discussions that we have been having internally regarding Covid and flu. With so much media focus on Covid, it has slipped under the radar how flu has almost completely disappeared in the 2020/21 season.
Reported cases for the US are usually around the 5 million mark but for this season to date the total is 1,387. And no, that number isn’t missing zeros on the end. Flu numbers have completely collapsed.

There is now concern that the 2021/22 flu season could be especially bad due to lower resistance from an absence of exposure this year and difficulty in projecting dominant strains for vaccines. So the question we have started asking ourselves is this – We have been thinking that, in time, we will think of Covid like flu – but what if we should be thinking that flu will be like Covid?

IERG President's Message - Q4 2020

Waseem Naqvi
What a journey 2020 has been so far!

As part of the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy was "shut-down", we have all been locked down and practicing social/physical distancing. Now we all must wear masks to prevent asymptomatic contamination. We have started to open up the economy, noting that we may experience a second wave of the virus. IERG members are naturally social and enjoy getting together to discuss important topics. For the time being, we are all having to engage virtually.

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