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Hartford, CT, January 12, 2017 - It is with great pleasure that we announce the Senior International Business Executives who applied and are now certified Global Business Leaders at the Principal or at the Fellow level by the IERG Global Business Leader Certification Review Committee.

The Committee, comprised of a panel of senior third party international executives, reviews and validates each applicant's professional credentials and experiences for the two highest IERG certification levels: Principal and Fellow. The Review Committee rigorously screens all applicants for demonstrated global leadership consistent with the criteria for IERG Principal and Fellow designation. The selection criteria includes evaluating documentation, references and candidate discussion as needed, supporting certification for members who demonstrate meaningful results from leadership positions in the operation and running of IERG and, in the case of Fellow designation, demonstrate meaningful results from leadership positions external to IERG with proven advocacy, influence and thought.

Please warmly welcome our inaugural class of six recipients

Principal Level IERG Global Business Leader

  Venugopal Chepur, SAMPRAD

  George Farina, Maverick Publishing Specialists

  William Hewins, Independent Director

Fellow Level IERG Global Business Leader

  Richard Guha, CTNEXT - CT, Entrepreneur in Residence, President, Max Brand Equity

  Steve Walton, HealthFocus International, President

  Peter Wrampe, EXXERGY GmbH, Managing Partner

About IERG

IERG is an organization of and for international executives who have the shared experience of living and doing business abroad. We join together around the world to enrich our talents and knowledge, build our global contacts, expand our base of referrals, and grow our professional opportunities. IERG Benefits include camaraderie with like minded professionals, an array of excellent programs of interest to the international community, and access to a global network of highly accomplished international business leaders. The IERG Global Business Leader Certification program currently offers 4 distinct levels of achievement based on knowledge, leadership and results. Learn more at


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January 12, 2017


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