Message to IERG Members

IERG Chair Steven Walton

The world today is changing faster, more unpredictably and with greater shifts than at any other time in my experience; politically, socially, technologically, economically.  With change comes disruption, with big change comes big disruption. The rules we once took as fixed, the relationships we considered rock solid, the perceptions of right and wrong as clear cut are all being challenged.

This is not a USA phenomenon, nor a Trump genesis, but is a tidal wave across much of the globe.  And while we hear talk that appears to target a slow down or turn back from a highly interrelated and interdependent world, I would argue that we are actually experiencing the opposite. An acceleration of broad globalism; not necessarily the same as yesterday but at a higher level.

During the last 18 months, IERG has also been going through some dramatic change. We recognize that in this tumultuous time having a unique resource of business executives with a shared international  cross cultural and global passion who come together to connect, support and help maximize the potential of all members is special.  To share some of our direction:

  • We have today the strongest and most active Board of Directors and Leadership Team in our history, thanks in large part to Richard Guha’s, IERG outgoing Chair, strong direction.  This energetic group of leaders is bound together by a core set of operating values dedicated to enhance member value, involvement, caliber and range as well as the long term plan and vision for IERG.
  • The IERG Global Leadership Series Webinar Program is growing rapidly in attendance, reach and notoriety as we bring in renowned global experts to speak with us about key topics in the world today reinforcing IERG as a global thought leader.
  • Communication both internal with our members and external with prospects is rapidly expanding IERG reach, frequency and branding. Note the IERG bi-monthly newsletter.
  • We have new individual membership criteria built to expand our membership without sacrificing  quality, supported by a quick approval process and new member integration.  We also have a new Corporate Membership Program that allows companies to sponsor employees.
  • We have active membership initiatives in LATAM and Europe.
  • The IERG Global Business Leadership Certification Program is attracting wide attention as a new standard for global business leadership achievement and recognition.

And of course there is much, much more, but it is not about me telling you what we are doing. IERG is about members getting involved, contributing, sharing and supporting others and making a difference.  

I am very excited about the future. It is not without some challenges and maybe bumps along the way, but I know that coming times will be better and that IERG has an incredibly important role to play to helping make sure that our members succeed and that our world is truly global.   




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