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What an amazing time to be an Internationalist
Steven Walton, IERG Chair

What an amazing time to be an internationalist. It is because of the forces driving short-term inwardness and local contraction that we are actually in the midst of the most comprehensive globalization the world has ever seen. 

What a great time to be a part of the International Executive Resources Group (IERG); the premier organization of and for international executives who have the shared experience of living and doing business outside of their home country. For us 2017 has been an incredible year.  Membership is up 25% and accelerating.  We have active participation in both LATAM and Europe. Our leadership team including the Board of Directors, Chapters, and Committee Management is the strongest and most committed in our history. The IERG Webinars, our Global Business Leadership Certification, the  new IERG Board of Directors Exchange, the IERG Global Research Reports, the IERG Corporate Sponsorship Program are just some of the things working together to enrich our talents and knowledge, build our global contacts and grow our professional opportunities.

Our appetite for growth, notoriety, and achievement has been whetted. In the following from your leadership team you will hear more about what we have accomplished in 2017 and where we are going in 2018.  I encourage you to become involved in our great journey. Join us in making a difference and helping to build IERG as the undisputed leadership organization for internationalists that we think is our destiny.   

IERG Financial State of the Business
Peter Wrampe, IERG Treasurer

IERG is entering 2018 in the strongest financial position in years. Whereas in 2014/2015 we were spending more than our income, albeit on necessary programs to improve the status of IERG, we set in motion a turnaround plan in 2016 that showed results at the end of 2016 and stabilized and improved our position in 2017.  How did we do this?  By implementing an improved process for gaining and maintaining members and implementing improved budgeting and cost control processes.  Our emphasis in 2018 will be on increasing revenues to invest in programs and member value added events.

IERG Marketing and Communications
George Wasilczyk, Marketing Chair

Our focus in 2017 has been to grow IERG membership by increasing external awareness of our organization and by providing members tools to aid in their efforts to recruit new members.  I am happy to say, both efforts have paid handsome dividends!  In 2017, we added 25% new members. That’s twice our historical rate of new member additions. 

 What about 2018?  Let’s work together to build on our 2017 success and grow membership at an even faster rate!  Adding 50% new members in 2018, 75% new members in 2019, and 100% new members in 2020 will get us to over 1300 members by 2020!  Remember, if each of us brings in only one new member each year, that gets us to that 100% growth rate! You can do it, and we will help.  In 2018 we plan to roll out easy ways to introduce IERG to new prospects from your personal networks.  You can find these on the website if you click on the Key Documents tab, and then on Marketing Literature found in the drop-down menu.  We have assembled and will be rolling out a database of communications channels so that all of us can share all of the good work that IERG does to strengthen our brand that will help to grow our membership. We will also be developing refreshed content consistent with our website redesign, which can be used by chapters, SIGs and project teams.  So stay tuned.  Many good things happening within IERG! 

IERG Leadership
George Farina, IERG Leadership Chair

The heart and soul of IERG are our chapter communities, as it is through chapter leaders’ and members’ consistent contribution of time, energy and good organization that the most immediate and recognizable value of IERG can be gained.

During 2017 the Chapter Chairs have re-focused on basics to grow existing chapter participation and reinvigorating and opening new chapters in Denver, Texas, California, and Internationally. There has been general agreement for establishing an electronic framework for maintaining mailing lists and allowing for proper and frequent communications to chapter members to reduce administrative time and ensure the integrity of records as chapter leadership changes.

The planning, execution and results of chapter events has also been regularly shared through monthly Chapter Chair conference calls, which has been a good way of recognizing the various types of events that can be done as well as an acknowledgment of the key ingredients of success.

The biggest opportunity moving forward for all Chapter Chairs will continue to be building their leadership teams, that is involving other chapter members to assist in event planning, new member recruitment, onboarding new members, outreach to other local professional organizations. Well- organized and enthusiastic Chapter leadership teams are crucial for smooth succession planning and ensuring continued membership growth and enthusiasm. 

Our Virtual World
John Hamerlinck, Virtual Chair

The world in which we conduct business and our personal lives becomes increasingly virtual every day and Global business is more virtual than we realize. 

In  2017 we launched the IERG Virtual Community. Virtual members are those not associated with one of our many physical Chapters.  If you are Virtual, you now have a unique opportunity to participate in a Virtual organization outside the limitations of a physical chapter. 

Are you a ‘Virtual’ member of IERG?  Are we adapting our skills to leverage this new approach to global commerce and communications?  Or, do you find yourself still attempting to depend on traditional methods of meeting, networking, communicating and conducting business?  If you aren’t, you may find yourself far behind the curve.

The last few months, IERG has started building our Virtual meetings into a place where our members can meet, collaborate, network and learn from each other and our international community of experts on global business.  In addition to our successful Global Webinar series, we hope the Virtual meetings will become a staple of IERG’s regular activities, serving the existing members, and enabling us to attract new IERG members who want to join our Virtual global network of business experts.

IERG Expanding Globally
Marco Oropeza, Global Expansion Chair

One of the goals set by IERG’s Board is to become a more diverse and inclusive association. The more members we have and the more diverse our association is (background, professional experience, international exposure, etc…), the more wealth we will have and the value to our members coming out of it will be unparalleled.

To accomplish this goal we have selected regions to grow our membership; in the first phase Europe and LATAM are the targets; in the next phases we will add other regions of the globe.

In Europe we have enjoyed good progress to the extent that one of our European members is on our Board and Chair of the Global Leadership Series!

In LATAM, with the help of current members, we have been able to connect with individuals who have either joined the association or have expressed their interest to do so. We will continue making concentrated efforts to make our association grow in those selected regions to begin with.

IERG Thought Leadership
Joanna Peters, Best Practices Co Chair

2018 will be a critical year for IERG’s Best Practices Committee as we continue to establish IERG as a thought leader on international business topics; improve IERG’s reputation and credibility within the international business community; and create value for our existing members. In  2018 we plan to :

  • Publish the second edition of the annual IERG International Business Outlook. First published in 2017, itprovides insights on key international businesses trends based on the deep experience of IERG members. The Business Outlook illustrates our tremendous knowledge base and promotes IERG within a larger circle of international executives.
  • Look to convene the first annual IERG Global Growth and Trends Symposium. Based on your feedback in our most recent report “What does it take to be a Successful Global Business Leader”, the conferencewill focus onactive networking and in-person access to first-class speakers presented on multiple panels. 

Panels will focus on international trends, addressing those issues most pressing to the business community. While it will be vital to hear experts, it will be equally important to provide opportunities to network and connect with participants and panelists.  Our thanks to and please contact Co Chair Christian Michel if we sparked your interest to volunteer.

Jacques J De Jager, Global Leadership Series Chair

IERG Global Leadership Series is fast becoming the gold standard and must-see forum for the best thinking on global business trends and topics from the most prominent international leaders and personalities. It is a cornerstone of IERG's brand as a thought leader on today's most important topics and developments in the world, and we will continue to meet the high standards expected of us. 

Looking back at 2017, and in true tradition, our Global Leadership Series has had another stellar year.

In 2018 “Leaders on the Virtual Stage” will bring you expert panels to discuss and debate current topics with you. From Artificial Intelligence, Talent Management, Internet of Things, Corporate Identity Theft and more, we plan to bring you excellent content and external subject matter experts and thought leaders. We will kick off the year with our first webinar on January 10th with Jerry O’Brien on the subject of Investigating the Building Blocks of Artificial Intelligence, AI, the Three-Step Process. That webinar will be in the original format, but from February onwards we will move to the new format. We are currently filling up the calendar for the year so I suggest you check our website for updates on a regular basis.

IERG Certification Program
Joanna Peters and Steve Walton

Recognition by peers, employers and industry, fuels career development.  The IERG Global Business Leader Certification program is crafted to provide an independent validation of international business experience and provide continuing education to help build skills and expertise to support career advancement.

 Upon joining IERG through our executive vetting process, every IERG Executive member is designated a Global Business Leader. Executive members may move through the 4 Levels of Certification based on their current level of international business experience enhanced by programs including Webinars led by experts in current issues of international business, Global Research Reports and Chapter and Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting participation. Members rising through this certification process will be able to increase their value to their own organizations and businesses and to their fellow IERG Members.

So be recognized! Show your certification in your proxy bio, LinkedIn and other social media platform as well as e-signature.  Apply for upper level certification and join IERG members Venu Chepur, George Farina, Jaap Ketting, John Lowe, George Wasilczyk as Principals, and Suzanne Garber, Richard Guha, Steve Walton and Peter Wrampe as Fellows. Get Certified! And please welcome incoming Certification Committee Chair Waseem Naqvi.

IERG Corporate Program
Joanna Peters, Jacques J De Jager, Steve Walton

 2017 IERG broke out of our traditional focus on individual membership to create an opportunity for Corporate participation including the Corporate Membership Program, the IERG Board Resourcing and the IERG Assessment of Board Effectiveness.

The IERG Board Resourcing, is a new and invaluable IERG program exclusively available to IERG Corporate Members. Through this we now offer corporate members who seek candidates for their Boards with unprecedented access to our member network. Vice Versa, access to top tier Board openings is fast becoming one of the key factors why C-level professionals would consider joining IERG. Corporate members may list their Board vacancies via our web portal, which will match interested and eligible individual member candidates with open board positions listed on our web portal. Eligible candidates will be screened and vetted by a Vetting Committee, who are all Board Members, and then presented to the corporate member.

There has been an overwhelmingly strong response from our members so far - to date over 50% of our members have updated their profiles since the beta testing of the program was announced last month. This beta testing is now complete and we will launch our first corporate board search. 

The IERG’s Assessment of Board Effectiveness™ in partnership with Inventive Talent Consulting, is a leadership and talent-consulting firm that administers rigorous, research-based assessments for boards of global as well as middle market firms.

We are extremely proud of our new initiatives and are very excited about 2018. If you have not already done so, please log into your profile, and complete the new additional profile information needed to participate in this program. 

IERG Global Inclusion
Betty Flasch, Global Inclusion Chair

IERG is an organization of and for Internationalists. Going forward in 2018, we have established a goal to expand our focus on addressing the needs and interests of our increasingly diverse international workforce, within the context of continually expanding global business communities; changing and new industries; fluctuating and fluid approaches to work and jobs; generational differences and similarities; virtual interconnectivity and a future that seems to be defined and redefined on a daily basis.    

To reach this goal, I am excited to announce the launch of the IERG Global Inclusion Council (GIC), the primary purpose of which is to build on and increase our IERG membership that specifically encourages and supports an organizational goal of enhanced, inclusive and engaged global membership.

Over the next year, the GIC will work to source and actively engage with diverse, talented, up-and-coming entrepreneurs as well as more experienced global professionals and thought leaders, who are focused and engaged in different capacities on the global stage and want to further enrich their talents, knowledge, networking and career opportunities through the IERG Community.

In 2018, the GIC will gather volunteer IERG members who are committed to and support the GIC’s goal. The GIC will provide the IERG Board with a compelling case statement for increased inclusion and engagement covering such areas as: current and future membership; the favorable impact of enhanced diversity and inclusion on the IERG; how inclusion impacts engagement, networking and career management; targeted membership sourcing; best practices, etc. In addition, we will provide a strategy with concrete, measurable goals; timely communication and updates of the GIC's work to IERG Board and membership, and a timeline to achieve the GIC's goals for 2018 and beyond.

Global Inclusion is an exciting IERG initiative and an excellent opportunity for you to join the GIC and make a difference!

2018 is the year of the IERG Volunteer

Did you know that in IERG under 15% of our members are active volunteers in the organization? With the exception of part time administrative paid support, all the events, programs, meetings and benefits are provided on the shoulders of these high level contributors. There are many reasons given why this group actively contributes time and effort including wanting to:

  • Give back
  • Build something great outside of paid work
  • Work with other talented executives solving problems
  • Build my reputation as an executive worth hiring or recommending
  • Build my personnel and professional network
  • Add depth and value to my work experience and resume plus many more.

We also hear many reasons why members do not volunteer. We have all claimed these at one time or another so no need to list, but these are most often not the real reason, but convenient excuses. Inertia, lack of interest, apprehension can I add value, no experience in the real and concrete benefits from volunteerism. We think these are more often the real reasons.

As we begin 2018 we ask our non-volunteers the following. Do you think it fair that 15% of our members provide the work that benefits all 100%? Yes I am important and busy, but does that mean I cannot provide some time to support my organization and team members? Would I like to see IERG grow in awareness and respect in the global business community and my membership provide added value? Would I look forward in 2018 to working with a core group of talented executives to collectively solve problems?

We hope that you consider these thoughts and I have the opportunity to work with you in 2018 in helping to build IERG into something great.

Your IERG Board of Directors

IERG volunteer sign up page

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