GlobalVue™ 40+ country ranking chart

Bill Edwards | Chief Executive Officer, Global Advisor and Board DirectorEdwards Global Services, Inc.

Here is our latest GlobalVue™ 40+ country ranking chart which charts and determines the best countries to conduct business in. 
For two decades, the GlobalVue™ report has equipped developing brands with the resources and analytics necessary to make educated decisions when it comes to global business expansion, ranking 44 countries and territories based on 12 business, economic and political factors. Country rankings are determined by the following:
  • Corruption index
  • Ease of international brand entry
  • Ease of starting a new business
  • Economic stability
  • Legal concerns for international brands
  • Long term investment risk level
  • Market size (customers)
  • Overall country rating
  • Overall ease of doing business
  • Political stability
  • Projected 2021 GDP growth
  • Projected coronavirus recovery 
This quarter’s report shows higher rankings for Canada, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates and a lower position for India, Japan, and the Philippines. The main factor in ratings was COVID-19 response, with a key indicator being the percentage of the population that is vaccinated.
“We’re seeing GDP growth of higher than 5% for many countries as they come back from the crippling effects of the pandemic,” said William Edwards, CEO of EGS. “These numbers reflect promising coronavirus recovery and vaccination progress, an improved business climate, and a positive economic outlook as we continue to bounce back from a devastating year.”
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